2019. BRING IT.

Last year I wrote on NYE my goals for 2018;

So what I am hoping for in 2018

  1. Workout 4 times a week or more. Move intentionally everyday
  2. yell less at my kids
  3. cope/deal with my crazy ex husband better
  4. Pass the NCE and begin work as a LPC
  5. Continue my self-care journey
  6. play more music

I can say I did all this. With the exception of working as an LPC but that is on it’s way and going about as fast as anyone could ever hope. So 2018 I kicked your ass, and while the ending didn’t go as planned (I’ve got a dooooooozy of a post about my ex for you coming up soon), overall I took 2018 for all it had. I might have even met a special guy. Just maybe.

2018 was a year of a lot of change. I started off the year as a newly divorced woman. I did what most newly divorced people do and I created an online dating profile. I do not recommend this. All I need to say is there is a reason most people who are still single and over 30 are still single. Not everyone falls into that category, of course, you are the exception, I’m talking about all the other weirdos out there. I digress.

2018 I did the bulk of my work in my masters program in professional counseling. By June I was working at a PHP/IOP center for 5-18 year kids with mental, emotional, and behavioral issues. It was eye opening, and honestly, I got way more education than most of my classmates being in that environment. It was sink or swim. I love the fast pace intensity of it, and I do like working with kids. I finished up my practicum in November, and GRADUATED on November 16, 2018 with my Master of Arts in Professional Counseling. SO…Basically pretty soon when I write my name I will get to write all kinds of letters and stuff behind it.

I am gonna brag on myself. I did this while being a single mother to 3 preschoolers. 3 PRESCHOOLERS. I have 3 tiny people I take care of all the time. The twins are now almost 3.5 and Clara is a little of 4.5. I am freakin’ proud of myself for accomplishing this.

There is all this stuff you have to do after you graduate to become a licensed professional counselor, and I will save all that for a blog post because….it was intense. I have a lot of feelings, and honestly, the process isn’t over, so I’m not ready to write it all out.

2019 resolutions:

  1. Change my contact lenses when I’m supposed to
  2. use face/eye masks more often
  3. take more baths
  4. do more things that make me happy
  5. say no to more things that I want to say  no to.

“For happiness is anyone and anything at all, That’s loved by you”-You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown

What’s life if you don’t take chances. See, I am back to school to be a counselor. I had been a counselor (of sorts) before, and I remember telling someone “I’m a counselor because I believe people can change”. While I can say I’ve now seen some things, I can still say that, but someone has to want to change. I also believe if you aren’ happy in life, you should do something to change that. While I’m not a prosperity gospel type gal- I do believe we get choose some things, and those choices directly effect our happiness. Do something different. Work on yourself. Do something that makes you happy. It will be worth it. If you need counseling- DO IT (I promise, counseling is not for the weak, I actually believe it’s for the strong). I have a counselor. It’s awesome. I recommend it for people who don’t even have major issues. It’s just nice to have an unbiased ear to talk to. I’m often reminded of the lyrics to the song “Happiness” from Your a Good Man Charlie Brown.

Happiness is finding a pencil
Pizza with sausage
Telling the time
Happiness is learning to whistle
Tying your shoe for the very first time
Happiness is playing the drum in your own school band
And happiness is walking hand in hand
Happiness is two kinds of ice cream
Knowing a secret
Climbing a tree
Happiness is five different crayons
Catching a firefly
Setting him free
Happiness is being alone every now and then.
And happiness is coming home again
Happiness is morning and evening
Daytime and nighttime too
For happiness is anyone and anything at all
That’s loved by you
Happiness is having a sister
Sharing a sandwich
Getting along
Happiness is singing together when day is through
And happiness is those who sing with you
Happiness is morning and evening
Daytime and nighttime too
For happiness is anyone and anything at all
That’s loved by you
-You’re a good man, Charlie Brown.


These are all little things, but tell me you didn’t smile while you read this-thinking about your own life or childhood.So, do something that makes you happy. What makes you happy?

me? well I enjoy going to Costco by myself. I know- but there is something therapeutic about wandering around that store aimlessly. It’s much less fun when you have kids with you, eating all the samples you got for yourself. I also really enjoy working out. I hate it while I’m doing it, and I either go with a friend (one who doesn’t judge- really is there any other kind of actual friend?) or I bring Harry Potter audiobooks. I’m know. Go ahead and judge me, or copy me.

These things make me happy.

Find something that makes you happy. And for goodness sake. DO IT.